Record of Success - Michelle Ugenti-Rita

Record of Success

committed to my promises, devoted to my constituency

Immigration and Border Control

Illegal immigration continues to disproportionately affect Arizona. The federal government’s inability, and some would argue, unwillingness to properly secure our southern border has cost the state of Arizona dearly. By some estimates, illegal immigration costs Arizona taxpayers over billion dollars a year. This is unacceptable. That’s why I have always supported legislation in the Arizona Legislature that attempts to address this problem. I believe that we must do everything in our power to limit the consequences of illegal immigration in our state and I will continue to strongly advocate for legislation that does that.

Budget and Economy

I am committed to the principles of less spending, lower taxes, and smaller government. These are the principles that guide me as your state representative. Unfortunately, too many politicians ignore these principles when it comes spending your tax dollars. I believe that your tax dollars should be spent frugally and efficiently and I will not support a state budget that is not balanced. I also believe that we must do everything in our power to strengthen and grow Arizona’s economy. That’s why I support eliminating needless and bureaucratic regulations and making our state as business friendly as possible.

State’s Rights

I believe in state’s rights because the federal government has grown too big and intrusive. All too often, the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington pass laws and regulations that hurt our state and our economy. As your state representative, I have been a leader in the effort to limit the ability of the federal government to expand it’s power in our state. I have also worked to hold the federal government accountable for the consequences that misguided laws and regulations have on our state and our economy.

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