Rep. Michelle Ugenti’s Pro-Business Legislation Signed Into Law - Michelle Ugenti-Rita

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Rep. Michelle Ugenti’s Pro-Business Legislation Signed Into Law

“I’m proud to have sponsored such a fine pro business bill in H.B. 2644 that protects Arizona’s status as a right to work state,” Representative Michelle Ugenti said. “Whether you are non-union or union labor, everyone deserves to be treated equally under the law, which is what this legislation does.”

As passed, H.B. 2644 forbids the state of Arizona, or any of its political subdivisions, from accepting federal money that as a condition of acceptance would require giving a preference to union labor. Accepting federal money that prevents contractors and their employees from working on public works projects simply because they have no union affiliation is bad for business and bad for Arizona’s economy.

Contracts will be awarded on merit and open to all businesses.

“Union projects ensure skyrocketing costs, a decline in the quality of service and in states where big union gets large contracts, they ultimately become the most powerful force in state politics. Thankfully, legislation like this will prevent that from happening here in Arizona,” Rep. Ugenti said. “The biggest winners in this new legislation are: Arizona workers and taxpayers, Arizona businesses and our economy and I am grateful Governor Jan Brewer signed this into law.”

Studies of public labor agreements have shown they increase cost to taxpayers by at least 20 percent.

“Eliminating the government-conferred advantages that unions enjoy – advantages that too often turn into a taxpayer-supported gravy train – will strengthen Arizona’s economy in the long run,” said Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute.