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Free Speech Federalism (March 19, 2015) – Dina Galassini is an unexpected champion of the First Amendment. Dina lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona, a quiet suburb in the metro-Phoenix area that is made up of mostly retired residents who love golf, good weather, and great views.

But a champion she is, and it all started with a simple email.

In 2011, there was a bond election in the town of Fountain Hills. Dina opposed the bond measure and emailed 23 friends and acquaintances asking them to join her in opposing the measure by writing letters to the editor and forwarding her email to their friends. She also asked them to join in two protests of the measure. Given that she didn’t have much, if any, money to spend on the effort, she thought organizing sign waving on a main street corner with hand-made signs was an effective way to communicate to the residents of Fountain Hills. Click Here to Read Full Story