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“Michelle’s proven leadership is what is needed at the State Legislature. She worked successfully to put our state back in fiscal order, cut taxes to spur economic development and has been effective representing her constituents. Arizona has benefited greatly from her service and I encourage you to support her return to the State Capitol.”

–Former US Senator Jon Kyl, 2012


“Michelle Ugenti is the real deal. She campaigned for balanced budgets without new taxes and she kept her promise. Our district wants someone who is fiscally conservative and who places a priority on education and public safety. For that reason and more I support Michelle and I hope you will too.”

–Congressman David Schweikert, District 6, 2014


“Rep. Michelle Ugenti has been an outstanding advocate for the citizens of Scottsdale. Not once during her first term did she ever shy away from supporting our community’s interest. Whether it was fighting to protect shared revenue dollars for the Preserve, which has already saved Scottsdale taxpayers $62 million, or her tireless fight to help make Arizona the number one for business development, I know Michelle Ugenti will always place her community first. I encourage every resident to join me in supporting Michelle Ugenti’s return to the House of Representatives.”

–Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, 2014


“I appreciate Representative Ugenti’s support of law enforcement. She possesses a keen understanding of the issues officers face everyday in the line of duty. I encourage you to return Michelle to the House of Representatives.”

–Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 2012


“As one of the leading conservative legislators, I am proud to endorse Michelle for re-election. She is a strong voice for balancing the state’s budget, lowering taxes, growing Arizona’s economy and reducing the regulatory burden on businesses. Whether she is fighting against the influence of public sector unions who want to maintain the status quo in cities across the state or though her successful effort to consolidate candidate elections, Michelle is my pick for District 23.”

–Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio, 2014